How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test

Does the idea of a hair follicle drug test strike fear into your heart? Maybe you're a casual user of substances. Maybe you use them more regularly. Maybe you've stopped using substances for weeks or even months. But even if that's the case, a hair follicle test can cause you serious problems.

To understand how to pass this drug test, it's important to first understand the test itself.

About a Hair Follicle Drug Test

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test

A hair follicle test is preferred by some workplaces and law enforcement agencies because it shows drug use up to 90 days prior. In addition to detecting THC, hair follicle tests can also detect drugs like opioids and stimulants.

As substances move through the body, they are deposited in various areas. One of these areas is the hair follicles. Once your hair grows out, the substances grow with it. Substances are usually detectable about seven days after use.

If you're having a hair follicle test done, don't panic. There are ways to pass. But you should stop using substances as soon as you find out about the upcoming test.

How The Hair Follicle Drug Test Is Done

How The Hair Follicle Drug Test Is Done

Hair follicle drug tests are also sometimes preferred because they can be supervised. When you go to the testing site, the tester will harvest at least a hundred hairs from your head. Only the three inches closest to the scalp will be tested.

The tester will then place the sample into a sealed envelope and mail it to a lab.

At the lab, a test will be done to screen the hair for drugs. If the screening test comes back negative, you'll get your results in about 24 hours. Results take longer if the screening test is positive, because additional testing needs to be done.

The additional tests identify exactly what substances are present. They also eliminate the chance of a false positive. Usually positive lab results take up to 72 hours to come in.

Some testing kits are available for you to use at home. You can place your hair sample in a pre-addressed envelope and send it to a lab. This is a good way to find out whether you need to worry about positive test results in the workplace.

There are also some kits that allow for on-site testing. Rather than sending samples to a lab, the tester receives results in as little as ten minutes after harvesting the sample.

Aloe Rid Shampoo

 Aloe Rid Shampoo

You'll see this shampoo touted as the best solution for hair follicle tests, and for good reason: It works. It works better than any other shampoo on the market.

The active ingredients in the shampoo penetrate deeply into the scalp to cleanse the hair follicles of chemical residue. Originally, the shampoo was made to help swimmers remove chlorine from their hair. Nowadays, it's used to help people detox so they can pass drug tests.

There are some important things to keep in mind when using the Aloe Rid shampoo:

  • It works best when combined with the Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo.
  • It also works best as part of the Macujo method or another similarly intense cleansing regimen.
  • It's meant to be used for three to ten days prior to the test.
  • You get best results if you wash your hair with it fifteen times.

Each five-ounce bottle has enough shampoo for fifteen washes. Rather than squeezing it to the tips, you just need to lather it into your scalp and the first three inches of hair.

This is a pricey choice. But it is absolutely essential if you want a guarantee that you'll pass your drug test.

Ultra Clean Shampoo

Ultra Clean Shampoo

The Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo isn't powerful enough to help you pass a drug test by itself. But it is very effective if used as part of a larger cleansing regimen.

This shampoo is also recommended because the kit includes conditioner.

There are three parts to washing with the kit.

The first is to use the shampoo. This substance removes hair gel, hairspray, oil, grease, dirt, and other residue. These things can prevent the purifier from penetrating as deeply.

The next step is to use the purifier. This piece penetrates your scalp and removes toxins from the follicles. That includes drug residue.

Then you can use the conditioner. This helps to improve shine and control your tangles. It also helps to hydrate the hair, which is important after using a product that might dry it out.

You'll get the best results if you use the Aloe Rid shampoo leading up to your drug test, and then use the Zydot shampoo on the day of your drug test.

The Macujo Method

The Macujo Method

The Macujo method is known as the only foolproof way to remove traces of substances from your hair prior to a follicle test. It requires you to use both of the shampoos on the list, along with a few other products. You'll get the best results if you do this several times.

Though the method was developed for people who use small amounts of THC, it has been proven effective with a variety of different substances. People who use drugs more heavily will want to repeat the steps many times.

As soon as you find out about your test or suspect you're going to be tested, it's important to stop using substances. Substances can take seven days to become present in the hair follicles because of the growth cycle. A cleansing regimen won't help you if substances show up in your hair after the cleaning is done.

Materials Needed

In addition to the previous shampoos on the list, you'll also want these ingredients:

  • Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning shampoo
  • Liquid laundry detergent
  • Heinz vinegar

If you can't find Heinz vinegar, any vinegar with an acid content of at least five percent will do. Similarly, any cleansing shampoo that uses salicylic acid can be substituted for Clean and Clear. People just report having more success with Clean and Clear.

You might also want plastic gloves so that the chemicals don't irritate your hands.


Once you've stopped consuming substances regularly, you can start using this method.

First, wet your hair in the sink. Make sure that your scalp is fully dampened as well. Squeeze the hair out so that it isn't soaking or dripping wet.

Take the vinegar and massage it into your scalp for a minimum of ten minutes. This will probably make your scalp tingle or burn a little. That's because of the acid content. The vinegar won't injure you.

Once the ten minutes are up, you can rub the Clean and Clear shampoo into your scalp. Don't wash the vinegar out! Just lather the shampoo on top. Make sure you coat the scalp and the first three inches of hair growth.

Keep massaging the shampoo until it has become fully blended into your hair and scalp. You'll then want to leave the mixture for at least thirty minutes. Some resources recommend leaving it for a minimum of sixty minutes. You can put your hair in a shower cap and return to daily activities.

After time is up, you can wash the vinegar and shampoo out of your hair. The mixture will have stripped away oil and residue that might prevent the aloe shampoo from penetrating the follicle.

Since you've washed your hair, the aloe shampoo can now work effectively. Lather it into your hair and massage it into the scalp. Leave it for at least fifteen minutes. You'll only need a portion about the size of a quarter to cover your head.

Following the fifteen minutes, rinse the shampoo thoroughly out of your hair.

Now it's time to use the laundry detergent. You'll lather this into your hair to complete the cleaning process. This might also cause some stinging sensations, but it shouldn't lead to injury. Plastic gloves can help protect your hands from chemical exposure.

It's very important that you prevent the detergent from running into your eyes. If you get any detergent in your eyes, nose, or mouth, you should call Poison Control.

Repeat this process several times prior to your test. Some people say that repeating the process seven times was the most helpful. On the day of your test, use the Zydot shampoo and conditioner.

The aloe shampoo comes with enough product for fifteen washes. It gives you the best results if you use it all fifteen times, making sure to let it sit for at least fifteen minutes every time.

Tips to Keep in Mind For Passing A Hair Follicle Test

If you're trying to pass a hair follicle test, these are some important things to keep in mind:

  • You should wash any pillowcases, bedding, hats, hair clips, and other products that have touched your head. Otherwise, they may reintroduce substances to your scalp.
  • You should stop using substances as soon as you're aware of the test. Failing to do this has the potential to compromise your results.
  • Heavier substance users are more likely to struggle to clean their hair. The earlier you start the detox process, the better.
  • Combining detox shampoos is your best bet for a clear test
  • Only the Aloe Rid shampoo has been shown to provide clear test results by itself.

Final Thoughts On Hair Follicle Drug Tests

If you're facing a hair follicle drug test, there's no need to panic. There are ways to pass.

Though it's a pricey option, your best bet is to invest in the Aloe Rid detox shampoo. This formula is so expensive because it's the only reliable way to pass a hair follicle test. It works even better when paired with the Macujo method.

The Macujo method is a way of stripping the toxins from the hair. By using vinegar and cleansing shampoo, you open your hair and allow the Aloe Rid shampoo to penetrate the follicles.

The detergent rinse is another way of washing out the last of the substances.

It's best to repeat the Macujo method at least seven times. The Aloe Rid shampoo should be used fifteen times prior to the test for maximum efficacy.


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